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Disclaimer: I am not a medical or mental health professional.  None of the information on this site constitutes medical advice.  Consult with a doctor before making any diet, lifestyle, or exercise changes.


Hi.  I’m Will Welch.  For many people with busy lives, focusing on stress reduction is something that they do reluctantly or not at all.  Often, it's not until they see how stress is affecting their physical health that they take stress management seriously.  Don't wait to start reducing the stress in your life.  Managing it effectively can actually free up time, make you more productive, boost your energy, and lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.  Are you ready to get started?   

I became a health coach in part because of my own struggles with stress reduction and the effect of stress on my health.  Over time, I've had success managing my stress, and I know that it’s possible for you to accomplish this, too.  


On this site, I'll share things that have worked for me or that work for the average person, but I'm not assuming that they also work for you.  Your path to stress reduction and better health is unique, but you don't have to walk it alone.


Ultimately, mastering the connection between stress and your health will require that you become the expert on your own body and mind.  I am here to help you become that expert.  In addition to the site content, I can work with you as a health coach to explore your unique situation and discover effective solutions. Together, we can create an easy-to-follow plan--focused on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle--that will help you reach your goals.  For more information on what coaching looks like, see the Work With Me page.


I am a Certified Health Coach, trained at the Kresser Institute, where I am also a contributing author and on the Advisory Board.  I have a M.S. in organizational behavior from Columbia University and a B.A. in psychology from UCLA. For over a decade, I have been researching, teaching, and working with clients on motivation, stress reduction, and behavior change.  When I'm not working with clients, I enjoy being outdoors (that's me in the photo, river rafting in Colorado).   


I look forward to helping you discover your unique path to better health!  




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