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Start Your Day with a Simple Action Framework

Do you set daily goals? I've always found it a bit tedious. With everything that I have going on in the day, taking the time to write out goals seems like busy work. I usually just make it up as I go through the day.

Inevitably though, I get sidetracked. Things that I wanted to accomplish get pushed to tomorrow and my stress level increases. I'm still productive, but I'm not very organized.

Recently, however, I've found a simple framework that I use at the start of the day to organize myself better. It's called start, stop, continue.

When I start my day, I pick an action in each of these three categories. Sometimes for start, it's taking the first step on a new project or restarting an exercise routing. For stop, it's been stopping being hard on myself or not saying yes to any more projects today. And for continue, I've taken a second step in an ongoing project or kept up my meditation.

You can quickly jot down your daily start, stop, continue actions in a journal or type them into your phone or computer. The framework is simple to do, it's action-oriented, and it can add a little more organizational to your day.